Alex Banks – Dummy Mix 637

Shifting dynamically through the versatile sound of heavy hitters like Jon Hopkins, Moderat, Bonobo, Rival Consoles and -last but not least- himself, Alex Banks taps into the full bandwidth of deep electronic grooves with this new DJ mix. Head over to Dummy Mag for some more words and the track list.

Kia – Rooftop StunMix 01

Kia Sydney, the -rather confusingly- Melbourne-based producer, DJ and creative mind behind Animalia serves up her Rooftop StunMix01 – and yes, it surely does live up to all the brezzy, sunlit fantasies that come with a title like that: Two hours of mellow, bass-heavy dopeness.

Om Unit – Bleep Mix #234

Dub x Techno x Bass music x broken beat structures: Bristolian DJ and producer Om Unit explores the wide-reaching implications of this formula for the dancefloor. Head over to Bleep for more words as well as the tracklist.

Ishmael Ensemble – Sunday Mix

Folk, jazz, moody experimental electronica, seismic bass tunes, spoken word poetry and electric guitars, a lot of it from that near-mythical center of musical goodness, Bristol – like the talented Pete Cunningham of Ishmael Ensemble himself. For more words, as well as the track list head over to Crack Magazine.

Pitchblack Playback

Take a cinema or live venue with a good sound system, optimize a classic or brand new album for it, dim the lights to a legal minimum… and just shut up and listen to the music with others.

Jon Foreman Land Art

“I do it because I enjoy it. I feel that a lot of it has forced explanations, while a lot of the time it doesn’t need explaining.” Word up and hats off to land artist Jon Foreman. Jump over to his website Sculpt The World for some stunning pictures of his work.

Djrum – Trax 454

One hour, 39 tracks from 4 decades, all sorts of old, new and forthcoming Bass music, ambientesque Electronica from 1979, recent takes on Jazz, Hip Hop, deeply dissociative soundscapes and hallucinogenic beat reconstructions: Threading subtle patterns of dreamy ease and intricate musicality into the thick fabric of hard and banging rhythms, Djrum kicks off 2022…

Brian Not Brian – Idle Fantasy

Brian Not Brian serves up an eclectic concoction of mellow grooves and laid-back vibes, spanning across a panoramic stretch of genres. Brought to us via Idle Cellars, a boutique winery in California. A broad hint, indeed.


A wonderful little animation film to re-calibrate your perspective on your aspirations and hopes, your everyday worries and your place in space, as we call if for lack of a better word. A wonderful little animation film to re-ignite your sense of wonder and appreciation for nature and all the things you already have.

The Motion Orchestra – All One

Speaking of Keno the other day… this North German producer is truly prolific at the moment. Last weekend he dropped the breezy summer vibes of a surprise new Renegades of Jazz single, plus the result of a long-running project he’s specially fond of: The debut album of The Motion Orchestra. Drawing it’s rich musicality from…

Keno – Mix for 45/7 Vinyl Club

One hour of mellow 7 inch dopeness, old and new, hand-played and machine-based, mixed into a seamless flow by German producer Keno aka Renegades of Jazz. Don’t miss the interview on SoundClound, and if you dig these vibes check out the forthcoming Keno album Out Past The Current.

Headhunter Interview

If the words Bristol and Dubstep make your eyes all shiny, then the name Headhunter will most probably have just the same effect. These days better known under his Addison Groove moniker the English producer is the epitome of deep, heady Dubstep from the golden age of the genre. In this radio show on…

Everybody In The Place

Warehouse parties, Chicago in the mid 1980s, Kraftwerk, soundsystem culture, the miners’ strike, new age travelers, spiral tribe, Castlemorton, Shelley’s Laserdome, no judgement, whatever clothing style, alone or accompanied, no stupid phones, and what all this had to do with the British society of the mid 80s to early 90s. Also, the reactions of teenagers…

Vril & Rødhåd presents: Out Of Place Artefacts

From the dark and brooding fragments of the soundtrack for a Sci-Fi Noir flick not yet shot to industrial electronica to dubbed-out techno to broken beats to seismic waves of bass music… and back again. Vril & Rødhåd, two artists usually well-known for what is commonly referred to as Berghain sound, joined forces and came…